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Insertion of fine needles at specific points in the body. Read More >>


Combination of dietary principles, exercising and stretching postures, energy balancing, attitudinal work, and some acupressure.     Read More >>

Swedish Massage

Working on soft tissue muscles with oils to facilitate massage Read More >>


Use of gentle but firm pressure with fingers on key points on the skin to stimulate the body's natural self curative abilities Read More >>


Older than acupressure, coming from Egyptian and Oriental cultures, it stimulates areas in hands and feet that correspond to body organs and glands. Speeds pain relief, reduces stress, increases vitality, improves health ... Read More >>

CranioSacral Therapy

Treatment of physiological system composed of the skull (cranium), sacrum (lower spine), and spinal cord using light touch to facilitate the body's own self corrective process. Headaches (tension and migraines), TMJ and ... Read More >>

Amma Therapy

Gentle manipulation of muscles and joints with the use of pressure on acupuncture points to restore balance and facilitate the flow of energy throughout the body to promote healing. Also covers dietary issues, exercise, ... Read More >>

Colon Hydrotherapy

Internal bath to cleanse old accumulated toxic waste in the colon. One CHT equals 4–6 enemas and reaches most of the large intestine. Constipation, psoriasis, acne, allergies, headaches, and general health balance with ... Read More >>

Main Diseases that Can Be Treated By Acupuncture

Head   Conjunctivitis Myopia Tinnitus Cysts on Vocal Cords Alopecia Hair Loss Palsey TMJ Chronic Hoarseness Migraine Headache Rhinitis Toothache Speech Problems Vertigo Hearing Defect Sinusitis Sore Throat Some Men ... Read More >>