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Testimonies From Ulcerative Colitis Patients

Dear Dr. Lee,

Thank you for your remarkably successful treatment of my ulcerative colitis. The combination of acupuncture and herbs healed whereas, traditional medicine had not.

Although I have been symptom-free for over a year, I recently underwent a colonoscopy examination and the proof was in the results "colitis free."

My heartfelt thanks for your help and your uplifting positive attitude.


April 25, 2001


Dear Dr. Lee,

After over a year of treatments, I am grateful to be able to write this letter, and hand it to you with gratitude for your dedicated practice. My overall health improved from a state of debilitation, weight loss, and anemia due to sever case of ulcerative colitis, to a strong and normal function of all aspects of my body.

I came to you after trying so many other alternative healing modalities for a condition that gastroentorogists (I have seen four different doctors) classified as a lifetime chronic condition, for which they prescribed steroids and life long daily maintenance medication.

In the two years of the illness, before I came to you, I saw chiropractors, nutritionists, an ayurveda practitioner, 2 acupuncturists, and a Chinese Herbalogist. I spent many hours of research educating myself of all the accumulated knowledge about  ulcerative colitis and other illnesses of the digestive system. I saw psychotherapists, and did yoga, and healing visualization. Having already engaged in a healthy lifestyle for many years prior, I did not know what else I could do to change my condition.

I did not believe that the Western Doctors were right in saying that this condition is chronic and can only be controlled with medication. The medications are strong and have many side affects. Being only in my mid thirties, with two young children, I did not give up looking for a true healing. I knew that to heal fully is not only to control or alter the symptoms in one area of the body. The Eastern Philosophy  of medicine seemed to make much more sense: the body shows symptoms in one area of the body only to alert us that the whole body is under stress. Chinese medicine helps alleviate symptoms, only to change a whole pattern in the body. It treats the whole person, not only the part of the body that suffers.

The difference between your treatment, Dr. Lee, and the many other alternative medicine practitioners I have seen is that  you have confidence in your work, having seen so many people helped by it. You kept supporting me that because my condition was severe it would take a long time to heal. You explained to me how my body needed to gain strength and energy to heal before it can repair the ulcer in my intestines. It took over one year before I finally began to see significant change. But all along the way I felt just a little bit better to not give up and trust in your confidence that it was just a matter of time. You prescribed herbs and changed the formula along the way. I saw you initially twice a week, then once a week. I have been completely free of symptoms for almost 3 months now. I have reduced both herbs and acupuncture to a point that I do not rely anymore on the treatments. I am truly healed.

I want to tell other patients; no matter what condition they suffer, that if the cause for you illness is deep (and it always involves the physical, mental, and emotional stated of the self) it might take trust and persistence to change your condition. Healing always involves the participation of the patient. From trust in the he practitioner, to persistence and willingness to change other aspects of one's life, be it diet, stress, exercise, etc. Most of all, not all healing modalities suit all people, and not all practitioner are equal. I can attest that Dr. Lee  has a special gift in acupuncture, and a vast knowledge of herbalogy. He gets his herbs directly from China, and mixes his own formulas based on ancient knowledge. His advantage is that he knows Chinese medicine in a way only a Chinese practitioner can, but he is also educated in Western medicine and knows the benefits and limits of both modalities.