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Testimonies From Pain

Dear Dr. Lee,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your help with my neck and back problems. I started treatment for my problems in March of this year right before I went on vacation. I was totally amazed that after only my second visit, I started feeling better and was able to enjoy my vacation almost pain-free. I had been so used to feeling pain in my right shoulder blade and across the top of my right shoulder that I was shocked when I hardly felt any pain at all!

As you know when I brought you my MRI results, I had been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease  in my cervical spine, coupled with spinal stenosis. I also had some degeneration and arthritis in my lower back on the right side as well. I had stopped taking Naprosyn at the time but I was still taking another anti-inflammatory drug right before I started treatments with you. Once I started your treatments twice a week, I was even able to stop taking those.

After I got back from my vacation, I continued my treatments with you on a twice a week basis until I was feeling so much better that i was able to just come in once a week. It has now been almost two weeks since my last appointment and I am still feeling incredibly well. It is like a miracle to me because I thought I was doomed to be in pain or on medication for the rest of my life. Now, thanks to you, I am able to live relatively pain-free!

Thank you, Dr. Lee, for your help with my problems. You can be assured that I will let others know how much you have helped me and that they too can feel better again with your help.



Dear Dr. Lee:

February 8, 1997 was my first visit to you. I had pain in the thumb area of my left hand. I had been seen by an orthopedist several times. I was told that I had carpal tunnel syndrome. The orhthopedist prescribed a thumb sling, and anti-inflammatory drug and not to use my hand. I was told that I was being treated conservatively. If this treatment did not work, I would need surgery. With the use of the sling, I was experiencing numbness and stiffness. You told me that I would need about 12 treatments. Well, I believe I had 9 or 10 acupuncture sessions and my hand was great. I have been pain free and have full use of my hand.

Thank You, again.



Dear Dr. Boykin:

As your records will reveal, for approximately six months beginning in March 1998, I was in excruciating pain as a result of a back ailment. When all else failed, at your suggestion, I resorted to acupuncture. In August 1998, making a selection from the telephone book, I called:

Dr. Henry Lee - East West Natural Healing Arts Center
21 W. Nicholai St., Hicksville, New York

After a brief conversation with me, Dr. Lee promised that I would be relieved of pain after 8 weekly treatments. Contrary to his prediction, I have been pain free since October 1998 after only 6 treatments. I waited a year before writing this letter because I wanted to be certain that I was not dependent upon treatment or psychosomatic suggestion.

I am happy to advise that Dr. Lee has been instrumental in helping me to become a useful person since receiving his treatment. I found him to be sensitive, highly knowledgeable, and willing to accept any challenge when it comes to pain. I highly recommend referral of patients suffering from ailments similar to mine.