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A Patient From an automobile accident

Present Greeting Let It Be Known:

I came to Dr. Lee on July 24, 1999 with a bulging disc in my lumbar region consisting of L4, L5, and S1. Strain in my neck region C2 and C3. Impinging nerves in the left buttock and right anterior thigh.

I incurred these injuries from an automobile accident on December 28, 1998 and unable to work.

They treated me with Phydiatry, Orthopedic, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy care, also seen a Neurologist. For seven months, there was some relief, but no cure except surgery or epidural steroid injections that not an option I would choose. I was introduced to Dr. Lee through a friend and began treatment July 24, 1999. He promised to have me better in 12 weeks. He did it in 13 weeks, using acupuncture and herbs three times per week.

I am proud to state, I am much better and can almost return to normal life without pain. A little discomfort, when doing strenuous activities directly related to my lumbar region or left buttock. For this I am receiving acupuncture twice per week and still drinking my herbs. I will be returning to work soon.