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A Jewish Rabbi

To whom it may concern:

I am a man of faith, but a skeptical one. While I was raised in a home and a community of deep belief and passionate religious observance, I also was educated in an environment of intense Talmudic logic. In the Orthodox Jewish world in which I grew up, science was not negated, it was venerated. Whether in the study of sacred text and religious law or in the pursuit of science, logic was supreme.

When I left Orthodoxy, I entered a more open-minded world. I delved into philosophy and various mystical traditions, eventually finding myself in the study of Jewish Mysticism - Kabbalah. But even with this new-found openness, I still took with me the strong intellectual skepticism of my background.

Six and a half years ago, I suddenly had hives, over my torso and my arms. I was miserable! They disrupted my life, especially my sleep. I saw scores of physicians: internists, allergist, and dermatologists. No one could find a cause, no one could find a cure, or even real relief. Finally, I agreed to go on Pregnisone, a steroid. Soon, I had no hives. But after seven weeks, when the regimen ended, the hives returned, with a vengeance! And I had gained ten pounds and doubled my cholesterol level!

My internist recommended that I go to Dr. Henry Z.H. Lee for acupuncture. I was skeptical, to say the least. "This is not science!" I argued. "What research is there to support it? How can I take it seriously?" But at my wife's insistence, I agreed.

On meeting Dr. Lee, I was still resistant, but intrigued. By the third session, the hives had lessened. After six sessions, they were gone! Between the acupuncture and the herbs, what many doctors could not do, without serious side effects, Dr. Lee did.

How does it work? The skeptic in me is challenged, but the cure made me as much of a true believer as I am a capable of becoming.

Thank You, Dr. Lee

Rabbi Daniel